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For a limited time only we are offering to rebate 50% of our commission back into your critical illness quote which lowers your premiums. This is available for online enquiries via this quote form only.

Please use the critical illness quotation form below to let us know what kind of Life and Critical Illness quote you would like. We will send you a comparison quotation from all of the major Life and Critical Illness quote providers clearly showing their quoted premiums and level of cover offered.

The term of the policy should be in years and the level of cover required should be in £s. If you prefer to base your quotation on a maximum premium size simply enter your maximum monthly premium amount into the level of cover required box. We will then send a quotation showing you a comparison of the maximum amounts of cover available from provider to provider.

*Type of Cover

Level Cover means that the benefit will always stay the same over the term of the policy and is commonly used alongside interest only mortgages. Decreasing benefit decreases each year in line with a repayment mortgage debt.